Physical Therapy Billing Services – No More Headaches with Insurance companies

Physical Therapy Billing Services – No More Headaches with Insurance companies

Physical Therapy Billing Services

Are you tired of being ripped off by insurance companies? It seems like every year insurance companies are cutting reimbursement and making it more difficult to get paid. We are your “SECRET WEAPON”. Our whole purpose in life is to “GET YOU PAID” for all the work you do. Not just part of it. If we are not doing that, we don’t deserve to be in business.

Our customers are like family to us. Don’t believe it, go to Google and type in our name. See what other Physical Therapy Practices just like yours are saying about us.

We take our job very, very seriously. Sure, sure, I know, every says that but we mean what we say. In fact, we are sure that you’ll like our service so much that we don’t even put you under contract. Imagine that? A medical billing service that doesn’t believe in contracts. We guarantee you’ll love our billers. They are like family to our customers. In fact, you will be on a first name basis with every biller assigned to your account.

If your physical therapy staff is spending too much time sending bills, following-up on unpaid billing and finishing paperwork, you need to call Matrix Medical Billing

Physical Therapy Billing Expertise​

At  Matrix Medical Billing, we help clients navigate changes in the physical therapy industry including Medicare and Medicaid regulation updates. We provide billing peace-of-mind, whether it’s coding for a diagnosis or intervention, or properly preparing for the transition to ICD-10. We even stay on top of the latest CPT Coding changes like the new wound care code pertaining to treatment of chronic venous insufficiency with multilayer compression.

We Don’t Get Paid Till You Do​

At Matrix Medical billing we are motivated to serve clients. Our unique fee structure means we don’t get paid until you do. Our professionals exhaust all available methods as we persistently strive to capture 100 percent of your billing revenue. On average, clients save 40 to 60 percent over other outsourced medical billing companies and internal billing teams.

Web-Based Convenience, Customized Savings​

Because we use a cloud-based medical billing system, our clients have 100% real-time access to the system.  No more old and outdated reports.  No more wondering where a patient stands.  Now you can view all activity real-time with a click of a button.

To learn more about our industry-leading customer service, affordable range of billing services and specific strategies to save your physical therapy practice time and money, call 1 (888) 434-3477 today.

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