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Medical Billing Service

Key Features and Benefits

Flexible Billing

We offer flexible medical billing service that make managing the manual task side of your medical practice easier than ever.

American Billers

Our American billers help you generate more revenue for your center and create a more successful practice with a loyal patient base

Based On Collected Not Billed

Our specialists have customized our medical billing practices and procedures based on collected not billed base to offer you the best service

Sliding Percentage Scale

Our experienced medical billing specialists will assist you in lowering your administrative costs through using sliding percentage scale.

No Long-Term Contracts

At Matrix, we offer no long term contracts but only short-term contracts as we don’t want you to stuck with our billing service for long.

Cloud-Based Billing

We provide a cloud based billing service which support complete security and privacy for your data and your patients’ data. 

Quick Results

Using our service you can concentrate on patient care while our experts manage your revenue cycle by assuring you quick and efficient results

Bill For All Specialties

We offer medical billing service for all specialties that allows our customers to maximize their revenue cycle with our in-depth expertise.

We want to be your Medical Billing service Provider....

About Us

We are a team of medical billing service experts, committed to providing ongoing value to our customers. We leverage technology and implement best practices, to provide a range of high quality and cost-efficient medical billing solutions, from domestic locations enabling customers achieve their business goals. Matrix is the best option for any medical billing needs.

 Medical billing is our core competency and our specialists will efficiently manage all your billing needs. Our medical billing specialists have over 21 years of experience with all security technologies to ensure data integrity for our customers. Using our medical billing service, anyone can make their medical billing task less resource consuming.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How We Charge?

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Do I Have To Sign A Long-Term Contract?

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Do You Outsource Medical Billing Overseas?

Do You Do Medical Coding?

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Matrix Medical Billing has served my Out Patient Physical Therapy clinic, Back to You Physical Therapy for 3 years now….

Carol Pietromonaco-Murfin, PT, MBA
Back to You Physical Therapy
Sherborn, MA

Been using Matrix Medical Billing for several years now. Very happy with their service. Dr. Jeffrery Hubbard, MD

Jeffery M. Hubbard, MD
Internal Medicine
Fresno, CA
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