Ophthalmology Medical Billing

Billing for ophthalmology practices and specialists can be cumbersome and overwhelming. However, strict attention to detail and ongoing training can ensure services are billed correctly and in a timely manner. If prompt payment and full reimbursement from insurance providers are two of your ophthalmology business goals, then partnering with our team of knowledgeable professionals can quickly turn that into a reality

Higher Profits for Ophthalmologists

In today’s healthcare environment, outsourcing has emerged as the most cost-effective solution to manage medical billing functions. Reducing medical billing costs and increasing productivity are key to producing higher profits for your ophthalmology practice. With Matrix Medical billing, Ophthalmology practices save between 40 percent and 60 percent over other outside billing companies, or internal teams.

Most importantly, we don’t get paid until you get paid. This guarantees clients are getting the most for their money with Matrix Medical Billing, as we actively pursue every claim.

24/7 Access and Ophthalmology Experience

Our web-based medical billing process provides 24/7 access to your physicians or administrative ophthalmic team. If a patient is in your office and has a question on billing, you don’t have to wait for our team to get back to you. Your accounts are updated in “real-time” and you never have to wait for our team to pull reports or information.

Our ophthalmology billing specialists are experienced working with and billing for ophthalmologists. Whether you need appropriate coding for eyelid lesions, lumps and bumps or complex cases involving retained lens material or canaliculi repair, Matrix will confidently code or append the correct modifier every time. This familiarity with industry updates like the three new codes to replace CPT code 92135, significantly increases reimbursements. This is great news as it results in better cash flow and minimal denial of electronic claims.

Customize Ophthalmology Billing Services

Matrix Medical Billing is prepared to customize your ophthalmology billing services and fulfill financial and operational billing needs today. Call 1(888) 434-3477 or email us today to learn more about the world-wide access we provide to your billing information 24/7.

Your practice deserves to be taken care of so you can focus on what it most important – caring for your ophthalmology patients.

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