Internal Medicine Medical Billing

Whether an individual internist or internal medical group, you should be able to spend less item worrying about payment receivables and more time on patient care. Matrix Medical Billing has the internal medicine billing experience and professional commitment to allow you and your team to do just that as we manage the timely submission and follow-up of your medical claims.

Motivated to Serve You

At Matrix Medical billing, we are committed to capturing 100 percent of your billing revenue. Our team doesn’t get paid until you get paid and we’ll exhaust all available methods as your billing partners. In fact, we save 40 to 60 percent (on average) over other outsourced medical billing companies and internal teams.

Billing Experts for Internists

Physician practices and other health care providers struggle to stay-on top of changing billing regulations and recommendations. At Matrix Medical Billing, that’s our full-time job. Whether it’s knowing how to apply divisive rulings from CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) or proper coding for the latest Influenza strain, we provide professional, reliable and timely service.

In-House Convenience, Outsourced Savings

Clients love the convenience and accessibility our web-based system provides 24/7. Accessing patient information whenever and wherever you need shouldn’t be an unimaginable luxury. With Matrix Medical Billing as your partner, “real-time” reports and invoices are just a mouse-click away. Customized statements and reports further enhance the in-house feeling Matrix Medical Billing creates.

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