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Hospital Rounding is something most specialty practices do. They see regular patients in the office and if any of those patient end up in the hospital, they see those patients as well. Usually in a group, doctors will rotate this responsibility. This position is often referred to as the physician on-call or the rounder. Hospital Rounding is an important part of generating practice revenue and taking care of patients. In the same way practices charge for patients that come into the office, practices also charge for physicians that go see patients at the hospital during their hospital round. It’s critical that you have a system place. Using billing cards for hospital rounding is archaic, outdated and quite frankly leaves huge holes for potential revenue loss.

The only record of any work that was actually done is on the billing card. What happens if the billing card gets destroyed or misplaced? What happens if the biller never enters the charges from the billing card? Not only could this lead to loss revenue, but this could also lead to HIPPA security risk. Using a card to do Hospital Rounding can lead to nightmare scenarios within your practice. Let us introduce you to HybridChart. HybridChart is a robust Hospital Rounding Software solution for medical practices that have multiple doctors that round at multiple hospitals.

HybridChart was actually by Dr. Greg Sanders who is a practicing cardiologist with Arizona Cardiology Group who understands what practices that round at hospitals need to ensure that charges are never missed and that you have a streamlined Hospital Rounding Process in our practice.

HybridChart is a hospital rounding/charge capture system that will make your life easier. With HybridChart you can easily capture charges and bill for your hospital rounds, manage your census, quality metrics, secure messaging and collaboration, and discharge management. If you are looking for a deluxe Hospital Rounding Charge Capture solution to increase revenue and efficiency in your practice, you should take a look at HybridChart.

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