Convenience and Reliability

Most billing companies use PC based software that sits on a computer in their office that you have no access to.  That means that you can’t see any of the transactions being processesed.  When you do ask for reports the data you get is two or three weeks old. Our medical billing philosophy is this is a collaborative process with you. The best way to achieve that is to use a system that allows you access so you can see all the charges we are processing for you.

We believe that you should have 100% visibility to our work. After all, we work for you. Using our Web-based solution means you always have access to what is being billed.  Being Web-native means you can access the billing system from any computer, not just the computers in your office.

Don’t be fooled by “Web-enabled”. This doesn’t always mean that you are not required to install software on your computer. To access our system you do not have to install any software and you can access it from any computer.

Security and Backup

State-of-the-art data encryption, monitoring, and anti-virus protection ensures all data is secured well beyond HIPAA requirements. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing all your sensitive data is safe, secure and backed up.