Matrix Medical Billing is a billing company, not a collection agency. We offer monthly cash statements for any amounts due on all accounts if the provider wishes to utilize that service. Once patient balances fall past due, we will notify the provider’s office. If further effort is needed, we can begin soft collections. This is a process of sending out a series of friendly letters reminding patients of their balance, encouraging them to contact our office to make payment arrangements. We do not report to the credit bureaus or seek aggressive collection measures.

Matrix will forward the account information to your office if the balance remains unpaid after the series of letters to determine the next step. We can continue to send out monthly statements or you can turn that account over to an outside collection company. We will pursue any balance based on your request. All decisions are left up to the provider to make. Matrix will also handle all patient calls regarding their account balance, questions on billing etc. Matrix Medical Billing will not take any action without consent and agreement from your office.