Save Money with Dental Billers Trained in Dentrix Software

Dentrix is one of the leading dental software systems in the country. The majority of our dental billing clients rely on it for everything from scheduling and charting to creating customized reports and scheduling patient payments.

Many have even adopted the latest mobile version for access to all pertinent client and operational information anytime, anywhere.

As an integral part of daily dental operations, Dentrix both directly and indirectly affects our dental client’s billing.

Dentrix Savvy Dental Billers

At Matrix Medical Billing, we know it’s important that our dental billers be more than just billing industry experts. In addition to being on top of new dental regulations, policies and codes that affect oral surgeons and dentists – we wanted to provide more.

As a true resource for clients, we have also taken the time to understand and if needed integrate our billing services with client’s existing Dentrix software. This allows for more effective billing management and increased cost savings for Matrix Medical Billings’ dental clients.

Hiring the Most Qualified Billers

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