Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing

We Offer Flexibility

1. We are flexible because we don’t try to force all of our clients into a one size fits all billing solution.  We realize that offices are different and with that the need to provide different kinds of billing solutions is important.

Most billing companies have one solution they use for all their clients.  They lack flexibility.   We came up with a flexibility philosophy several years ago called A la carte medical billing.  What this simply means is that our clients can pick and choose what aspects of medical billing they need help with.  Our clients can choose between specific functions like just having us work their aging, or maybe you need help with inputting charges, or maybe you just need one of our billers onsite as a helping hand temporarily.  Whatever your need, we can help.  With a la carte medical billing, you can choose what you need us to help you with.  We are your medical billing partner and are here to serve you.

We Hire US Trained Billers Only

2. We hire US trained medical billers only.  Their seems to be a growing trend in the industry to reduce cost medical billing companies are outsourcing their work overseas.  We believe this is a big mistake for several reasons.  Our medical billers are located right here in the USA and you will be on a first name basis with every biller that is working with you.  We do that because it’s all about the relationship. We view ourselves as a true extension of your office and because of that we will not create bureaucracy or red tape.  You will be able to have 100% access to any or all the billers assigned to your account.  All of our billers have completed some sort of certified training from colleges like Everest College.

Cloud-based Medical Billing System

3.  We use a cloud-based medical billing platform.  Although we can use your system if you like, the system we use is called LeonardoMD.  LeonardoMD is one of the industry leaders for medical billing software and it’s what we recommend because of it’s robust features and it’s cloud-based technology that allows you the customer 100% real-time access to everything going on with your account.  You can do things like pull custom reports and see all account activity even down to a particular patient.  It’s important when choosing a medical billing company that you stay away with companies that use some home grown customized system.  LeonardoMD serves thousands of small practices.  If you ever want to make a change to your medical billing service, it’s good to know your data is in a system that is used by thousands of practices nationwide.

Charge Clients Based on Collected Not Billed

4.  In most cases we bill based on what we collect, not what we bill.  A lot of medical billing companies with charge based on what they bill.  The problem with that is you might be paying the billing company something you never got paid on.  That is why we believe it is fair to bill our customers based on what we collect.

We have a sliding scale

5.  In order to keep outsourcing a viable option, we use a sliding scale.  The more we collect, the less you pay in terms of percentages.  Most billing companies will continue to charge the same rate regardless of how much they collect.  The problem with this is at some point you will hit a threshold will it will be cheaper to bring billing in-house.  The whole goal of outsourcing is to make things more cost effective.  With our sliding scale, we ensure that outsourcing your medical billing will always be the most cost effective solution for your practice.

These are just a few reasons to consider matrix medical billing as your medical billing provider.   We are located in Mesa, Arizona and serve clients all over the United States.  Please contact us today for a free quote or consultation

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