Worried you are losing money through your billing processes, but not sure how much or where the problem lies?

At Matrix Medical Billing, our executives are frequently called upon to analyze client’s billing systems to identify inefficiencies or inaccuracies. Our years of billing experience and unparalleled analytical skills allow us to quickly determine if your current billing practices are completely appropriate or accurate.

Matrix Medical Billing has experience analyzing client’s billing processes in a variety of industries including, but not limited to, physical therapy, ophthalmology, internal medicine and neurology.

  • – Matrix Medical Billing’s audits include:
  • – Detailed, Line By Line Claims Audits
  • – Complete Coding Analysis
  • – Comprehensive Reports and Recommendations

In addition to detailed reports and recommendations following each audit, Matrix Medical Billing’s executive audit team ensures each client truly understands the issues and how to remedy them.

We are able to boil down billing complexities to the simple solutions our clients need to recapture the precious time and money they’d previously been throwing away.

To find out just how much money you could be saving with an accurate and experienced billing partner, or to evaluate your current system for inefficiencies, call or contact our team today.

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