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How Infusionsoft can help small medical practices grow profits now!

Hello, my name is Christian Burris and I am the owner of Matrix Medical Billing.  I am also an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant and the owner of Automation MD.  Over the last 10 years as I have worked with small medical practices, I’ve grown concerned for their financial health and viability.  The industry as a whole has seen considerable drops in practice revenue due to a reductions in insurance and government reimbursement.  A good friend of mine who has been a medial provider for years tells me, “Every time I get a letter from a insurance company or government agency, I am literally shacking wondering how much is going to get cut this time”.  I have seen many practices close their doors because they were unable to effectively deal with these changes.  I have also seen many practice owners get creative by adding additional revenue streams within their office that is cash based.  This is why I developed Automation MD.  My mission is simple: to help small practices diversify their business and capture other revenue streams using their medical practice as a storefront.

Without realizing it, most doctors have the perfect opportunity to sell additional needed products and services to their patients based on cash payment instead of insurance.  More and more doctors have realized that practicing medicine is not always enough to meet the high cost of running a practice.  Today’s doctors/business owners need to think strategically and be willing to explore non-traditional revenue streams as a source of additional income.  I know a small practice who has been open to this type of strategy.  As a benefit to their patients, they decided to sell nutritional products in-office.  They knew their patients trusted them and many patients were already asking for these types of recommendations.  Now, the office is proactively making the recommendation to all their patients.  And by offering the products in-office, it builds value for the product, convenience for the patient and additional revenue for the business.  After implementing just this strategy, his nutritional supplement services net him, on average, an additional $12,000 a month take-home pay.

The beautiful thing about these types of potential revenue streams, is they can easily be automated with a sales and marketing tool called Infusionsoft, which requires very little time to manage.   Not only is Infusionsoft a powerful automation and marketing tool for your patients and potential customers, it also has an incredible shopping cart system to sell your product.  This is complete automation.

As an example, when a patient buys a 3 month supply of product from the previously mentioned practice, they know that 3 months out, that patient is potentially ready to buy again.  Instead of waiting for the patient to make the decision to buy again, they can be given a little nudge.  With Infusionsoft, an automated email can be sent to the patient a week before the supply runs out to remind and encourage of the next order.  It can be scripted as follows:  ‘Hi Tom.  Three months ago you purchased <names of products> from our office.  I wanted to let you know that this month we are offering a special on those same items.  If you would like to order more, please click on the Buy Now link to make your next purchase.  Thank you for your business and for being a loyal patient.”  It’s that simple!  You can build all the tracking, follow up, and purchasing within Infusionsoft instead of relying on already busy employees.

As a small medical office, you have the perfect opportunity to create these additional streams of revenue.  I have provided just one example.  I can help you realize these opportunities and strengthen your business strategy.  If you would like to discuss your ideas and how Infusionsoft can help, please contact me today.  You can also visit my website for additional information. I look forward to working with you by creating and automating these new revenue opportunities for your practice.

Let’s talk soon.


Christian W. Burris